St. John's Lutheran Church
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Serving God By Serving People

Welcome to St. John's Lutheran Church, Waller, TX!



 Currently available via Zoom
or dial in by phone 346-248-7799 ID number 361 356 9565

Worship at 9:00a.m.


Confirmation Classes 10:30a.m.


Faith Formation Pre-K through 5th grade 11:30a.m.





St. John's Lutheran Church of Waller, Texas strives to be a welcoming, growing and serving community of faith, centered around God's Word and the Sacraments.  We seek to provide fellowship, support and a place to begin and nurture a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are located at 1613 Key Street (just two blocks south of Waller Jr. High School).

Phone: 936-372-2903     Fax: 936-372-9337  

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Church Office Hours (times may vary) - Monday - Thursday, 10:30-3:00

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